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Welcome toHazlemere Church of EnglandCombined SchoolTo grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men.

Year 3

Dear Parent/Carers

Due to school closure we have set up a number of home learning activities on the school website.

To help provide a wide variety of learning experiences, we are asking parents to sign up for a free Twinkl Resources account.  Below is a link to Twinkl Resources where you will have free access for one month.  Follow the link and create a new account using the offer code:  UKTWINKLHELPS.

Once signed in to Twinkl, follow the interactive learning link from your child’s class page on our website.  Here you will find a number of activities relating to the curriculum.  Each activity is a hyperlink and will take you directly to the Twinkl website. 

We have also uploaded a range of activities to each class page that can be downloaded and completed at home.  Create either a folder or book where children can complete and record all their learning. On return to school we expect all children to share their completed work.  You will also find a list of suggested websites relevant for each year group.

We advise that you try to create a routine for home learning.  Below is a suggested daily routine for you to follow.



Suggested Ideas


Home learning Time – set tasks via Twinkl

Maths activity, writing task, science or topic work.

Creative time

Lego, drawing, music, craft, cooking

(see Twinkl for suggestions)

Lunch time


Help prepare lunch and clean up afterwards

Outside Play


Home learning

DB primary, Times Table Rock Stars, Suggested websites from Class Pages relevant to each Year group.

Write a blog on DB Primary of your day.

Quiet time

Reading and reading task

Puzzles, Sudoku, word-searches



Free Time




Please complete one maths task and one writing task each day.  Reading should be completed daily in line with our homework policy, and recorded in their reading record.  Also please try to complete at least one science and topic activity per week.   

We are encouraging children to communicate with teachers via DB Primary email and they will be responded to within 48 hours, within the working week.

Year 3 Interactive Learning During School Closure

Resources to support 'The Ancient Egypt Project' - SUMMER TERM.  Please do not start this project until after you've had a lovely Easter Break. (No work over Easter necessary.)

Year Three - Topic plan for Summer Term 2020 Ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptians DT resources and teaching tips.

This DT project will support children and their parents with making a Shaduf and also Egyptian Bread.  These two projects include the lesson plans, power-point slide show, and resources.

Art Resources to support the 'Ancient Egyptians Topic'.

This Art Block of three lessons includes: 

1) Making a papyrus picture.

2) Making a replica cartouche.

3) Making an Ancient Egyptian necklace.

There are plans, power-point slide shows, and resources in this folder for you to access.

Geography for Egypt topic (Ancient Egypt Topic).

Geography for (Ancient Egyptian Topic).

1) Locating Egypt on a map.

2) Geographical features of Egypt.

3) Plan a holiday to Egypt.

4) Geographical features of the River Nile.

All resources, Power-points, lesson plans are found in this folder.

History: To support the topic 'Ancient Egyptians'.

History: Ancient Egyptians.

1) Ancient Egyptian Timeline work.

2) Ancient Egyptian society. (The organisation of society.)

3) Who were the Pharaohs?

4) Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

5) The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

6) Investigation: Inventions and achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.

All plans, power-points, and resources are found in this file.

PE/Dance/Music: Create a piece of music then make an Ancient Egyptian dance.


With this lesson, maybe a couple of lessons, children choreograph and perform their own dance. They could go on the music website to create their own piece of music prior to making their dance.  The plan, power-point, and resources are found in this file so that you can guide your child through this task.

Computing. (Ancient Egyptian Topic.)

Computing to support the Ancient Egyptian Topic.

1) Create a multimedia presentation about Ancient Egypt.

2) Use the Internet to find information about Ancient Egypt.

3) Use computing to create a data base.

All three tasks come with the lesson plans, resources and power-point presentations to help you support your child through the tasks.

YR 3 Useful Websites 2020

Welcome to Year 3


This year the class will be taught by Mrs Maund-Molloy (Please use the name Mrs Molloy).


Picture 1
Autumn Term with Year Three.

Well, Class Three have made an excellent start to the term with all childrens' work ethic and behaviour staying 'Good to be Green'.  Mrs Neary and I are so proud of all the children in how they present themselves in class and around school in general, displaying high moral values and taking pride in all that they do in work and play.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on Place Value in Maths and using different representations for number such as Base 10 and Place Value counters to represent 3-digit numerals.  

We are currently working towards writing a 'Stone Age' Newspaper Report.  So far, we have learnt about what a newspaper looks like including: its features, the 5 Ws (ask your child), how to use conjunctions, alliteration (seriously silly Stone Age sisters), and all the while learning about Pre-History, starting with the Stone Age.  Our Drama based around this topic, is in a very early stage but hopefully will inform our writing.

Class Three are learning about Rocks in Science and so far have learned about Kit Kats, Crunchies and Curly Wurlys, maybe you should ask your child about these types of rocks!

We attempted to churn butter yesterday in order to learn about the word (see spellings for this week) WHEY, but alas the butter did not emerge.  We'll try again next week. 

Let's keep working on our handwriting this next week and making sure that our presentation is the very best it can be.

For now though, over and out from me.

Mrs Molloy.



Half-Term Holiday Homework

Stone Age Story Writing Vocabulary Mat Improved Version

Stone Age Newspaper Reports

If you can't make sparks, you won't eat tonight!

Stone Age Masonry Work on Marble (Soap).

Stone Age Cave Painting Rock Art

Mesolithic Homes

Rites of Passage - Church Visit

After a democratic vote, I'm pleased to announce that our Class 3 School Council Representatives are:

Joseph & Ann.




Science - Types of Rock

Science - Types of Rock 1

Representing Place Value

Here is the slideshow from our 'Meet the teachers' afternoon.

This a newsletter detailing how you can support your child in maths.

Christmas Art and DT

Christmas Art and DT 1

The Snowman 1982 with Original Introduction

The Snowman is a children's picture book without words by English author Raymond Briggs, first published in 1978 by Hamish Hamilton in the U.K., and published by Random House in the U.S. that November.

Children in YR3 have been watching and discussing The Snowman ready to write an assessment piece.  They have been working on the mechanics of story writing including layout, paragraphs, writing to entertain an audience and how to use punctuation and figurative speech.  Now that children have been taught these skills, they are going to show that they can apply them in their December Writing Assessment.

Good luck Class Three!

Shel Silverstein's "I Made a Snowball" poem translated into ASL

The poem by Shel Silverstein translated into American Sign Language.

Children have been learning this poem for recital in Assembly.

Spring Term with Year Three.

Spring Term.


Visit to learn more Introduce your students to the layers of the rainforest and the animals who live there. Explore the adaptations that have evolved over time.

A Trip to the Rainforest.

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