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Home School Agreement

                                              Hazlemere Church of England Combined School’s Home School Agreement.

                                                                      Teaching and Learning: pupils

deserve the highest possible

standard of teaching and

support to help them learn.


Our school will:

Care for your child’s safety and happiness, and nurture feelings of confidence, self-worth and belonging.

Foster moral, social and spiritual values in accordance with the school’s Christian ethos.

Provide a balanced and carefully planned curriculum that meets the needs of your individual child.

Place an emphasis on literacy and mathematics to ensure a secure foundation.

Provide an enriched curriculum which challenges and motivates.

Celebrate individual children’s efforts, achievements and successes.

Use regular assessment to track pupil progress.

Home will:

Take an interest in what their child is learning.

Support the school’s philosophy of high expectations for all.

Encourage my child to work hard and support them with homework.





Pupils will:

Come to school ready to learn.

Work hard in all lessons.

Complete their home learning everyday.


Attendance: pupils have the

right to education and parents

have a legal responsibility to

make sure children attend


Our school will:

Contact parents on the first day of unknown absence.

Contact parents of children who regularly arrive late for school.

Refer to Education Welfare where attendance is a concern.


Home will:

Make every effort to make sure that their child will attend school every day and on time.

Inform the school as soon as possible about any absence and the reason for it in writing.

Will not take children on holiday during term time.

Help my child to achieve a minimum 95% attendance figure through regular attendance at school.

Pupils will:

Attend school every day and arrive on time.


Behaviour and Ethos: pupils

learn best in an orderly

environment where everyone

knows what is expected of



Our school will:

Help your child to develop a sense of responsibility and be considerate of others.

Have a behaviour policy (Good to be Green) which creates a safe and caring environment for everyone based on out ethos and values.

Make sure that all staff, pupils and parents know what behaviour is expected.

Consistently implement the behaviour policy sanctions and rewards.

Treat everyone with respect.

Liaise with external agencies where necessary when concerns arise (Social care, Police, ESAS).

Always investigate any complaints properly in line with agreed procedures.

Home will:

Give praise at home for good behaviour and attitude at school.

Work with the school to find solutions in cases of unacceptable behaviour.

Make sure their child comes to school with a reading book.

Treat other parents and staff with respect.

Follow school policies.

Follow the expectations for parental conduct.

Let the school know of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour or affect my relationship with the school and support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour.

Pupils will:

Follow the code of conduct/ rules.

Be a role model for others in the school and in the wider community.

Have a positive attitude to learning and school.

Come to school with a reading book.

Treat others as I would wish to be treated.


Home Learning: learning at

home has an important part

to play in helping pupils to


Our school will:

Keep parents informed about home learning

Provide suitable materials and advice on home based activities and how to help.


Home will:

Encourage and support their child in home learning

Listen to their child read every day and comment and sign the

reading record weekly.



Pupils will:

Always try to complete home learning to the best of your ability and bring it back to school at the right time.

Read everyday.


Communication: good

communication between home and school is essential to make sure that pupils get the support they need.


Our school will:

Make sure that parents have information about their child’s progress,

behaviour and general school matters

Make sure that parents are informed about what their child is learning

Make sure they listen to parents’ concerns and do their best to help


Home will:

Tell school about anything that may affect their child’s learning or behaviour.

To read school emails, texts, newsletters.

Attend parent evenings

Raise concerns promptly and directly with the school.

Speak to the class teacher in the first instance if I have a concern and use the appropriate escalation policy to achieve a resolution to that concern, rather than via other means ( media).

Pupils will:

Talk with parents and teachers about any

worries in school.

Tell my teacher if I have a problem in school or use the worry and wish box.

Uniform and Food

Check your child’s uniform regularly

Check your child’s PE kit, water bottle, reading record and spelling book weekly.

Make sure that parents understand uniform expectations

Check that your child is eating healthily at break and lunch times.


Make sure their child wears the correct uniform everyday

Make sure their child brings the correct PE kit

Provide healthy snacks and packed lunches for their child


Wear the correct uniform every day

Come to school with the correct equipment e.g. PE kit, water bottle, reading record

Eat a healthy snack and lunch.