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Hazlemere Church of England Combined School & NurseryGROW IN WISDOM AND STATURE, AND IN FAVOUR WITH GOD AND PEOPLE

Welcome toHazlemere Church of EnglandCombined School & NurseryGROW IN WISDOM AND STATURE, AND IN FAVOUR WITH GOD AND PEOPLE


Bible and Story links to our School Christian Values

Christian Value




FORGIVENESS is the means by which damaged relationships are restored. It is an act of the will, motivated by love. For Christians, Jesus’ death on the cross is the ultimate revelation of God’s forgiving love, and his sacrifice stands as a source of inspiration to forgive others, no matter what the cost. Forgiveness is fundamental to the character of God. Throughout the Bible, God is described as slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin. (Number 14:18) Jesus told his followers that they must forgive and keep on forgiving without limit.

Bible Verse

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive everyone who sins against us. Luke 11:14

Bible Stories

  • The story of the lost son Luke 15
  • The story of the lost sheep Luke 15
  • The story of the lost coin Luke 15
  • The two prayers Matthew 6, Luke 18
  • Being friends with God 2 Corinthians 5


Secular Stories

  • Lucy’s Quarrel (Jennifer Northway)
  • I’m Sorry (Sam McBratney)
  • The Old Man and the Tree (Vicki Wisenfield)
  • David Gets In Trouble (David Shannon)
  • The Tale of the Heaven Tree (Mary Joslin)
  • From When the World Began (Elizabeth Laird)
  • Little Monster did it (Helen Cooper)
  • The Night of the Paper bag Monsters (Helen Craig)
  • The Trouble with Jack (Shirley Hughes)
  • Jamela’s Dress (Niki Daly)
  • I Forgot to Say I Love You (Miriam Moss)

Stories from Other religions

  • From Hindu Stories How the Holy River fell from Heaven
  • From Jewish Stories Joseph and his brothers
  • From A Tapestry of Tales
  • Jacob and Esau
  • Joseph in Charge
  • The Story of Jonah
  • Guru Nanak and the Robber


Dear God,

We thank you that you are a loving heavenly father, who, when we have done or said wrong things, are always ready to forgive us when we ask you and we are ready to put things right. We ask you to help us as well to forgive others when they do wrong to use.