Our Vision: To grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and Men - school finishes Wednesday 24th July at 2.10 pm and re-opens on Wednesday 4th September
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Hazlemere Church of England Combined SchoolTo grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men.

Welcome toHazlemere Church of EnglandCombined SchoolTo grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men.


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At  Hazlmere Church of England Combined Primary  School  and  Nursery  we  believe  attendance  and  punctuality  is  crucial  to  our  pupils learning.    It is important  for  children  to  attend  school  regularly  so  they  not  only  learn,  but  also  improve their social skills and raise their self-esteem. We will  do  all  we  can  to  encourage  each  child  to  attend  regularly  and  on  time.  

We  will  identify  any problems and act upon them and endeavour to support parents and carers in their role. 

 Our Expectations For our pupils:

•To attend school regularly 

•Pupils are encouraged to arrive at school by 8.40am

•Registration is 8.55am – the school gates are shut promptly

•All pupils that arrive late must report, with their parent, to the school office where the reason for lateness is recorded


For our parents:

•To ensure that their child attends school regularly

•To ensure that their child is punctual 

•To inform the school if their child is absent, and why, on the first day of illness

•To send a letter into school on their return confirming the reason for the absence

•To  let  the  school  know  if  there  is  a  problem  with  their  child  attending  school,  so  we  can  offer support and endeavour to find a solution

•To support the school in its aim to raise its achievements through good attendance and punctuality


Promoting Good Attendance:

As a school we encourage and reward good attendance and punctuality in the following ways:

•Class certificates awarded Termly

•Attendance Bear awarded weekly

•Attendance certificates are presented to children with 100% attendance over a term

•An  attendance  certificate  and  an  award  for  children  with  100%  attendance  over  the  whole academic year.


 Our rewards are reviewed regularly to introduce new ideas if necessary and to ensure their effectiveness. Communication We  will  communicate  to  our  parents  the  importance  of  good  attendance  and  punctuality.    Parents  are given information on illness and absence in the school induction process, this highlights the importance of being at school on time and notifying us if their child is absent for any reason.

Parents  are  asked  to  share  any  worries  their  child might have  in  school.    Sometimes  little things  upset a child  which  means  that  they  become  unhappy  and  may not  want  to  come  to  school.    We  hope  that  by working together we will be able to solve such problems. 

 At school we are required to keep register, which is a legal document and we must record the reason for any child’s absence.  All parents are asked to contact the school if their child is absent.  This can be done by telephoning or by leaving a message on the school answerphone (01494 521420  or email the school office)

A letter also needs to be sent to school when your child returns, explaining the absence.  If no notification is received about an absence on the first day, the parent/carer will contacted.


 If  a  child  is  regularly  late  for  school,  or  is  often  absent,  then  the  parent/carer  will  be  contacted  by  the school  either  by  text,  telephone  or  letter.    If  there  is  an  urgent  concern,  then  the  Headteacher  will be informed  immediately  and  she  will  discuss  this  with  the  parents/carers  before  taking  the  appropriate action.

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