Rated GOOD- Ofsted 2022 ---------------Our next Open Days are Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th Oct at 9.30 am & 2pm, and Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th Nov at 9.30 am & 2pm. Call or email the school office to book your place. We look forward to welcoming you.
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Hazlemere Church of England Combined School & NurseryGROW IN WISDOM AND STATURE, AND IN FAVOUR WITH GOD AND PEOPLE

Welcome toHazlemere Church of EnglandCombined School & NurseryGROW IN WISDOM AND STATURE, AND IN FAVOUR WITH GOD AND PEOPLE


Bible and Story links to our School Christian Values

Christian Value




HONESTY Christians believe that truth is revealed in the Bible and supremely in the person and life of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ teaching we are given an insight into the nature of God and the way in which He means us to live.

Bible Verse

 When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3


Bible Stories

  • Mysterious Visitors Genesis 18
  • The Burning Bush Exodus 2-4
  • The Golden Calf & God’s Agreement Exodus 32,34
  • Psalm 119
  • Psalm 139
  • The True Mother 1 Kings 3
  • The Worst Advice 1 Kings 12
  • Naboth’s Vineyard 1 Kings 21
  • The Sower Luke 8
  • The Two Builders Matthew 7, Luke 6
  • The Night Visitor John3
  • A Remarkable Meeting Acts 8


Secular Stories

  • The Emperors New Cloths (Marcus Sedgwick)
  • Sad Book (Michael Rosen)
  • Tiger Tiger –is it true? (Bryon Katie)
  • You are Special (Max Lucado)
  • The Wolf who cried Boy ( Bob Hartman)
  • Flo the Lyin’ Fly (Max Lucado)
  • Albert’s Impossible Toothache (Barbara Williams)
  • Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? (Martin Waddell)


Stories from Other religions

  • Buddhist Stories
  • The Four Sights
  • The Search for Truth
  • The Budda’s First Teaching
  • The Story of Kisagotami
  • Hindu Stories
  • The God and the Wicked Witch
  • Islamic Stories
  • The Thief and The Water Pot
  • Good Advice
  • Sikh Stories
  • The Milk and the Jasmine Flower
  • The Merchant and the 500 Gold Coins



Dear God,

We know that sometimes it can be hard to do the right thing. Please help us to trust in you and show us which way to go. Help us to be truthful when we have made a mistake, ask for forgiveness and make it right.