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I don't have a printer?

Please email the school office and they will print off work on a weekly basis and arrange a suitable time for it to be collected.


We are sharing a laptop between three?

Please email the school office and we will do our best to loan you a school one.


Will children in school e.g. vulnerable or children of key workers, have different lessons?

Children who come into school will be using a computer to access the work for their individual class. They will be following the same remote learning programme from school as they would do if they were at home.


How should I return my child’s completed work to the teacher?

Class teachers will give clear instructions regarding the format and timing for uploading children’s work. Please ensure that your child adheres to these instructions carefully as some work will need to be completed for the next day whilst other work may be due in at a future date. All daily work should be uploaded unless otherwise instructed by the class teacher.


Should I worry if not all of my child’s work is marked?

Children’s work is assessed in a range of ways in school and the same is true for remote learning. Some lessons may have involved research or fact finding whilst others are preparation for a piece of work which will be done in a future lesson. Teachers use a variety of strategies when marking childrens’ work and will sometimes give the children answers or a set of assessment criteria at the end of the class so that children can mark or assess themselves (purple pen). Self-correction and self-assessment are valuable parts of learning for children as they enable children to become more independent, accurate and improve their focus on the task. Answers or success criteria for self-assessment will be made available via DB Primary where appropriate. Detailed teacher assessment (including marking) and feedback (written or verbal) will be carried out for core subjects i.e. Maths and Literacy, dependent on the tasks. Foundation (non-core subjects) will be marked as appropriate.


My child is refusing to write, what should I do?

when ready, ask your child to verbally explain the task and to talk through the written work. Give them options, story board, sentences starters or to draw related pictures first, use the teachers worksheets.

Another option is record them reading out the response to the written task. Please remember, it is ok to have spelling mistakes. The importance of being allowed to write is very important.