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COVID-19 Advice and Guidance

Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                                                 9th July 2020

Firstly, I want to thank you once again for your contribution to the national response to the Coronavirus pandemic. For the majority of you, being at home with your child(ren) and supporting their continued learning, alongside your own work and wellbeing, is a significant challenge in what are both unprecedented and worrying times. Fortunately, we do know that this action has helped to reduce the spread of the virus and has helped to save lives.

As you are no doubt aware, the most up to date guidance from the government has asked all schools to return in September, with all pupils returning on a full-time basis. As such, I am writing to you to provide some guidance on this and to tell you about some of the measures we have in place to minimise the potential threat of virus transmission.

Please do note that this is accurate at the time of writing. Guidance seems to be changing frequently, but if things do change we will of course keep you updated and, no matter what, we will send further information in early September.

Systems of Control

All schools have been asked to follow a set of actions known as ‘Systems of Control’, the main objective of which is prevention. For you and your children, this means the following:

  • It is essential that children are not sent to school if they are unwell or showing any of the symptoms. Please support us with this.
  • On arrival and throughout the day pupils will be washing their hands thoroughly.
  • We will be promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and pupils are encouraged to have their own supply of pocket tissues or a tissue box.
  • We will continue to have enhanced cleaning. This consists of the school tables, chairs, handles (high touch areas) being cleaned every morning, throughout the day and after school.
  • To reduce transmission, pupils will not share resources. They will be issued with a full pencil case and all of their own equipment. Please do ensure you help with the contribution on Parent pay.
  • We will take measures to implement social distancing when we can. For EYFS and younger children this will be difficult. As I have said previously, children are drawn to each other.
  • All adults will maintain a two metre distance from each other.
  • Our staff are encouraged to wear face masks. It will up to parental discretion as to whether you wish your child to wear a face-covering. If you decide to please ensure your child is comfortable with it and has a sealed bag to place it in when removed.
  • We have arranged the classrooms to allow for a degree of social distancing. The class teacher will always be responsible for the teaching and learning for all children. When we can avoid children sitting next to each other, we will.
  • Pupils will have staggered lunch and break by year groups in zoned areas. There will be an equipment box for pupils to use (one box per year group), and this will very different to previous playtimes. Pupils will wash hands before and after use.
  • We will not be holding whole school events like assemblies or workshops, initially.

Please do use the summer holidays to discuss this with your children and ensure that they are familiar with what is expected of them.

Pick up and collection

In September we plan to open the gate at 8.30am and pupils will walk straight into school, then into their classrooms. They will be met by an adult and instructed to wash their hands. The gates will remain open until 8.50am, thus allowing 20 minutes for pupils to arrive. Parents will need to walk back up the driveway keeping to the left please. Barnes Lane has proven to be too narrow and often a slip hazard, hence reverting to the driveway and keeping to the left.

Please be reminded that the church car park is out of action for the foreseeable future and please do not drive into the school. We would request that parents park in the recreation ground or by the library.

Children will be dismissed at the following times:

3.00pm year 6 (permission required to walk home)

3.05pm year 5, 4 Reception and year 1

3.10pm Year 2 & Year 3


School lunches will be available to order, but for the first few weeks at least, we will be providing a packed lunch. Please complete the attached form and return it to by 9 am on Tuesday 13th July. Please also place your order via Parentpay as per normal, even if you are entitled to FSM. If you’d prefer to supply a packed lunch, please ensure it is a healthy balanced lunch and nut free. No Sweets or fizzy drinks please.


Please ensure your child has a named water bottle, a school bag with tissues, a bag for their face-covering (if required), hand cream (if required), and a sun hat (if required.) And please ensure they have their PE kit.


We are awaiting guidance and confirmation on how clubs should operate, but are expecting to have both breakfast club and after school club open and ready for September. They will be following the guidelines to ensure a Covid safe working environment. Please email Quackers (see website) to register your interest.

Information about after school sports clubs will be sent out in September.

Visitors in school

As you would no doubt expect, we will continue to restrict visitors into school. If you wish to relay a message to your class teacher, please either phone or email the school office.

Thank you for your continued co-operation at this time.


Mrs Baljit Bhabra

Guidance from GOV.​UK

New guidance added following the government announcement on the 10th May:

Actions for educational and childcare settings to prepare for wider opening from 1 June 2020 - Latest guidance on how educational and childcare settings should prepare for wider opening from 1 June 2020,

Coronavirus (COVID-19): implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings - GOV.UK - Guidance for education and childcare settings on how to implement protective measures.

Safe working in education, childcare and children’s social care Preventing and controlling infection, including the use of PPE, in education, childcare and children’s social care settings during the coronavirus outbreak

What parents and carers need to know about schools and other education settings during the coronavirus outbreak - Information for parents and carers about the wider opening of nurseries, schools and colleges, transport, attendance, free school meals and remote education

Staying safe outside your home - GOV.UK - This guidance sets out the principles you should follow to ensure that time spent with others outside your home is as safe as possible

Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy - The Government’s roadmap for how and when the UK will adjust its response to the COVID-19 crisis

Staying alert and safe (social distancing)

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Please also see the below existing DfE guidance to support education providers during this period

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Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Please note: opening hours have been extended to cover weekends and the DfE are increasing the number of call handlers available to answer your calls.